Food photography meets its maker with this advanced class for the happy snappy.
Each day covers the in’s and out’s of taking the perfect food shot. Perfect for starters AND old-timers alike…

Day 1 Plate Design

  • Composition of a plate – making food look good for film.
  • Plate presentation through the years – what’s changed. What hasn’t.
  • Practice and preparation for Day 2 – Practice your happy snaps.

Day 2 Food Photography for Pastry Chefs

  • Plating for the camera vs. the customer – The shoot you need.
  • Basic set design – more than just a kitchen counter.
  • Lighting for the amateur photographer – Shadows, highlights, and lux.
  • Shooting with a DSLR and smart phone – How and when to switch.
  • Live shoot of students in action as well as plated food – The portfolio shots!