A 3-week course to introduce you to the fundamentals of pastry preparation. A perfect prelude to the full culinary classes we offer.

Week 1 Eggs, Custards & Creams

  • Mother sauces of pastry – mom’s favorites, and world-renowned recipes.
  • Cooked creams: brulee, pot de crème, budino and crème caramel – Winter favorites.
  • Pie and tart crust techniques – Creating the perfect pie.
  • Fillings and mousse – Making smooth, fluffy fillings.

Week 2 Yeast & Quick Breads

  • Short doughs & chemical leaveners – What and when to use for perfect breads.
  • Wet to dry mixing techniques – Avoid mess and product losses.
  • Butter and yeasted doughs
  • Choux pastries – Making this wonder of pastry.

Week 3 Cookies & Cakes

  • Sponge cake, fillings, and frosting techniques
  • Drop, refrigerated and cut-out cookies
  • Meringues and buttercreams
  • Program Exit Exam – Test your skill and get certified!