restaurant apprenticeship


Students will participate in over 1,000 hours of apprenticeship. This guided mentorship will take place at a well-respected local restaurant under the tutelage of a seasoned chef, and allow the student to gain valuable experience in a professional restaurant kitchen.


Students will participate in the following modules (approx. 5 hours per module) as part of their learning objectives during the apprenticeship:

  • Module 1: Interview Skills & Apprenticeship Orientation
  • Module 2: Culinary Career Paths
  • Module 3: Menu Development & Costing
  • Module 4: Vendor Relations Field Trip
  • Module 5: Operations Field Trip
  • Module 6: Produce Farm Field Trip
  • Module 7: Coffee Roaster Field Trip
  • Module 8: Wine + Cheese Pairing Field Trip
  • Exit Interview
  • Acknowledgement Ceremony