culinary basics

Week 1 Safety & Sanitation + Kitchen Fundamentals

ServSafe Food Safety Manager Training

  • Hands-on demonstrations on key sanitation concepts and practices
  • Fundamentals of safe food handling
  • Introduction to online training platform
  • Study guide and exam prep discussions

Professional Kitchen Equipment

  • Field trip to Chefs’ Toys with guided tour
  • Introduction to common professional kitchen equipment and its uses
  • Use and functionality of kitchen appliances

Week 2 Kitchen Fundamentals, Part 2 + Exams

Introduction to Kitchen Etiquette

  • The “rules of the kitchen”
  • Common kitchen communication, professionalism, and best practices

Conversions & Recipe Scaling

  • Reading recipes for ingredient amounts, scale and technique
  • Scaling common ingredients accurately and efficiently
  • Converting ingredient quantities between different units of measure

ServSafe Food Safety Manager Exam

Course Exit Exam