High School Summer Boot Camp



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Calling all curious cooks, would be chefs, gourmets and foodies alike!  This summer, CulinaryLab is offering an intensive five-day program for any high school juniors and seniors interested in turning their passion for cooking into a potential future in the food service industry.

As the premier culinary school in the Orange County area, we know that it’s never too soon to begin your plans for entering into the wonderful world of food and we know that decisions about your future can be overwhelming at times.  We’ve developed this program for you to get a taste of what our Pro Culinary Programs are all about.  Guided by our world-class professional Chef Instructors, throughout the week you will be immersed in the basics of cooking, the culture of the professional kitchen, and the skills needed to begin your culinary journey.

Students who complete this program will also have the opportunity to earn up to $5,000 in scholarship money for our professional programs. So if you are passionate about a culinary future or even if you are just thinking about thinking about it, this class will provide you with the tools to perfect your recipe for success.


Mon. 6/24 – Fri. 6/28 | 9am – 3pm

Skill Level
Students of all skill levels will be able to keep up in this class. Beginners will quickly gain new skills, and seasoned cooks will refine existing skills while also building new ones.


Day 1

  • Safety & Sanitation | Knife skills | Vegetable cooking

Day 2

  • Stocks | Sauces | Soups

Day 3

  • Wet and dry protein cooking methods | Grains | Starched

Day 4

  • Seafood cookery | Finfish | shellfish | pasta making | plating techniques

Day 5

  • Friends and Family Buffet and completion ceremony


Day 1

  • Knife skills on root vegetables, fruits and herbs

  • Honey Lime-Glazed Beets

  • Sauteed Green Beans

  • Roasted Root Vegetables

  • Grilled Vegetable Medley

Day 2

  • Chicken stock

  • Mushroom Chardonnay Cream Sauce

  • Roux and other thickening methods

  • Beurre Blanc

  • Smoked Tomato Sauce

  • French Onion Soup

  • Butternut Squash Soup

Day 3

  • Potatoes Au Gratin

  • Butternut Squash Risotto

  • Pan seared NY Strip steak with Rice Pilaf

  • Grilled Flank steak with French Fries

  • Sauteed Chicken breast with Pommes Anna

  • Cider-Braised Pork with Spiced Glaze

  • Curried Chicken Stew with Toasted Peanuts & Cilantro

Day 4

  • Sauteed Branzino with Brown Butter, Grapefruit Salad and Herbed Farro

  • Poached Dover Sole with Tomato Caper Beurre Blanc

  • Sauteed Clams with Chorizo

  • Cioppino

  • Shrimp Tagliatelle with Roasted Tomatoes and a Soft Egg

Day 5

  • Friends and Family Buffet

Refund Policy

Refund Policy
We understand that “life happens”, and that you may not be able to make it to class. Because we purchase food, schedule staff, and fill spaces for our classes in advance, it’s important that you let us know ASAP if you won’t be able to make it. Below is our refund policy.

Single-Day Classes or Events
Cancellations 7 or more days in advance: Full refund
Cancellations 2 to 6 days in advance: Class/Event credit
Cancellations the day before or the day of class: No refund or credit available, but you can send a friend in your place

Multi-Day Classes
Cancellations 7 or more days in advance of the first class: Full refund
Cancellations 2 to 6 days in advance of the first class: Class credit
Cancellations the day before or the day of the first class: No refund or credit available, but you can send a friend in your place

Once the first day of class begins, make-up classes may be available for students who miss a day provided that they inform the Director of Admissions at least four days prior to the absence. Make-up classes may not be available if all classes are full.

What to wear & bring

What to Wear
For safety reasons, please wear pants, close-toed shoes with rubber soles, no long dangling jewelry, and have long hair either tied back or covered.

What to Bring
We’ve got you covered! You just bring you, and we’ll handle aprons, towels, tools, recipes, pens, and the rest.