Culinary School

CulinaryLab Cooking School offers a year-long professional culinary diploma program for aspiring chefs who want to learn modern cooking techniques and pursue a career in culinary arts. The program is broken down into five levels, each one building skills to prepare students for the next level. Entrance requirements apply. For more information, schedule a tour, call 714-486-4406, or email us.


Professional Program Features:

  • 12 to 1 student teacher ratio
  • Work individually, not in large groups
  • Professional-level culinary instruction
  • Skill-building modules

How We Teach

Our professional program trains students to be seasoned culinary professionals as quickly and efficiently as possible. We believe that the ingredients to effective training include focused online curriculum, hands-on repetitious practice utilizing muscle memory and restaurant mentorship opportunities.

culinary basics

Level 1: SKILLS | 6 weeks

Knife Skills & Vegetable Cookery | Salads & Dressings | Soups | Grains & Legumes | Plant-Based Cooking

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Level 2: WHOLE ANIMAL | 6 weeks

Poultry | Pig | Lamb + Beef | Finfish | Shellfish

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Level 3: MODERN TECHNIQUES | 6 weeks

Plate Design | Advanced Plant-Based | Sauces 2.0 | Modernist Techniques | Plating for the Camera

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Level 4: SPECIALTY | 6 weeks

Pastry 1: Breads | Pastry 2: Fundamentals | Pastry 3: Plated | Small Bites + Buffet Design | Family and Friends Buffet

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Level 5: APPRENTICESHIP | 9 months

1,000 Hours | Top Local Chefs & Bakers | Learning Modules Include: Culinary Career Paths, Field Trips, & Menu Development

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