Pastry School

CulinaryLab school offers professional pastry programs for aspiring pastry chefs and bakers who want to learn modern techniques and pursue a career in a professional kitchen or bakery. Each of our 11 professional pastry programs listed below focus on diverse subjects and can be purchased separately. Entrance requirements may apply to some of the professional programs. For more information, schedule a tour, call 714-486-4406, or email us.


Professional Program Features:

  • 12 to 1 student teacher ratio
  • Work individually, not in large groups
  • Professional-level pastry instruction
  • Skill-building modules


How We Teach

Our professional pastry programs train students to be seasoned professionals as quickly and efficiently as possible. We believe that the key ingredient to effective training is interactive, hands-on, repetitious practice.

culinary basics

Culinary Basics

Safety and Sanitation | Professional Kitchen Equipment | Kitchen Etiquette | Conversions and Recipe Scaling

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knife skills vegetable cookery

Knife Skills & Vegetable Cookery

Cutting Motions | Body Posturing | Cooking With Salt | Blanching | Simmering | Poaching | Sautéing | Sweating | Caramelizing

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Baking & Pastry Basics

Eggs | Custards | Creams | Bread Making Techniques | Cookies | Cakes | Pastries | Meringues | Buttercream

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Truffles | Tempering | Enrobing | Emulsions | Bonbons | Decorating | Aerated Confections | Marshmallows | Caramel Confections

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Art of Bread Shaping Baking | Baker's Math | Butter Enriched Doughs | Lean Doughs | Italian Breads | Starters and Bigas

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Ice Creams & Cookies

Ice Cream | Sorbet | Granita | Cookies | Definitions and Percentages | Using a Baumé Scale | Mixing and Flavoring

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History | Sponge Cakes | Mousses | Assembly of a Torte | Enrobing | Jaconde | Paté a Dacor | Finishing Work

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Advanced Plating & Food Photography

Plate Composition | Plate Design Through the Years | Plating for the Camera | Lighting | Smart Phone & DSLR Shooting

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Laminated Doughs

Traditional Laminated Doughs: Puff, Croissant, and Danish | Folding, Timing, and Measuring | Rolling, Cutting, FIlling

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Specialty Cakes

Varieties and Techniques | Wrapping and Filling Methods | Meringue Cakes | Building and Decorating Celebration Cakes

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Baking & Pastry Apprenticeship

1,000-Hours | Top Local Chefs & Bakers | Learning Modules Include: Entrepreneurship & Field Trips

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