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What Is a Personal Chef?

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Becoming a personal chef involves elevating yourself after achieving the status of chef and proving that you are not only a talented cook, but also a passionate one with drive. Personal chefs have an air of prestige as they typically cook for high-net worth clients, have high-tech kitchen facilities, and spend their days channeling their creativity into meals that will satisfy their clients’ dietary preferences.

Getting to the stage of personal chef takes time, training, and determination to become one of the best your field. For those that are interested in pursuing this amazing career, this guide will help give you an idea of how to prepare yourself and what you’ll need to do to get on the right track. 

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How to Become a Pastry Chef

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If you enjoy spending your time crafting delicious desserts and find yourself expressing your creativity through kitchen creations, then a career as a pastry chef may be the right career for you! But, where to begin? Starting a career as a pastry chef isn’t as easy as it may seem – aside from an

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Want to Become a Chef? Here’s What It Will Cost

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Do you love food and dining out? Do you feel you would excel in a hospitality environment where you can provide patrons delicious dinners or inspired brunches? If you’re looking for a new career and answered yes to the previous questions, you’ve likely considered becoming a chef.

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What’s the Difference Between a Chef and a Cook?

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To simply answer this question, a chef is an individual who is trained to understand flavors, cooking techniques, create recipes from scratch with fresh ingredients, and have a high level of responsibility within a kitchen. A cook is an individual who follows established recipes to prepare food.

While the definition of each role covers the basics, there is a deeper story behind the differences. There is a wide array of differences between a chef and a cook, and we’re taking the time to explain those differences in this article.

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How Much Do Chefs Make?

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Becoming a professional chef opens the door to tons of different job opportunities. A question many people ask is, “how much money can you make as a chef?” While geographic location plays an important role when it comes to salary, additional variables like work experience and education also determine a chef’s earnings. 

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Ultimate Guide On How To Become A Personal Chef


Becoming a personal chef will take many years of training and experience. Many people get the misconception that they will go through a training course and walk out a chef, but this is far from reality. A chef is someone who is in charge of people. To gain this status, you must first become a cook and work your way up. If you are wondering how to become a personal chef, then you must first step through many career achievements to earn the chef title. 

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What Is A Sous Chef? – Everything You Need To Know

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What is a Sous Chef? Sous comes from the French word for “under.” A Sous Chef is a chef who works closely with the Executive Chef in a professional kitchen. 

Becoming a sous chef is a mark of achievement indicating that a cook has graduated to a chef. Any chef wishing to prove themselves in the culinary world must do so on-the-job. The kitchen is one of the few professional workplaces where there is no substitute for experience. 

Therefore, new culinary grads are not eligible for the title of sous chef. A sous chef must prove themselves by mastering each “station” in the kitchen as it is not an entry-level position.

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Baking and Pastry School: Read This Before You Enroll

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Do you dream of going to baking and pastry school as the first step towards opening your own business? Let’s look at what it takes to make this dream a reality.

For these and other answers I turned to the pros for help. Chef Briana Bielucke is a pastry chef and director of education, and Chef Natalie Galvan is a professional pastry chef and instructor, both at Culinary Lab Cooking School in Tustin, California.

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