The apprenticeship overlaps with Levels 2 and 3. Students work 1,000 hours in a top local kitchen while they attend school. The two-pronged approach combines hands-on learning and immersive industry experience. Along with apprenticeship hours, L5 includes seven, two to four-hour modules. Each session is designed to cover topics that best prepare students for a career in the culinary industry. Sessions are either field trip or lecture-based with engaging student interaction.


Mod 1: Culinary Career Paths

  • Review and discuss the various opportunities available in the culinary industry
  • Learn about both traditional careers in hospitality and modern alternatives

Mod 2: Bakery Field Trip

  • Visit a well established working bakery
  • Tour facility and learn about a day in the life of workers
  • Gain insight into daily production and operations

Mod 3: Interview Skills + Apprenticeship Orientation

  • Resume development and best practices
  • Practical interview skills to increase chances of landing the job
  • Orientation for the apprenticeship program

Mod 4:  Farm Field Trip

  • Visit and tour working farm
  • Gain hands on experience working with farm products
  • Learn about the day in the life of a farmer

Mod 5: Menu Development + Costing

  • Understand the fundamentals of menu development and costing
  • Learn to compose a menu based on clients needs, target demographic and seasonality
  • Cost out each item on the menu

Mod 6: Inventory + Purchasing

  • Acquire the basic knowledge needed to properly maintain a pantry or walk in for any restaurant, hotel, or bakery
  • Gain practical experience taking inventory, reading product specifications, and placing orders

Mod 7: Team Building + Leadership

  • Learn how to become a valued team member
  • Understand the traits and skills that make a strong leader
  • Gain insight into how to grow personally and professionally as a leader