In our second program we will be taking the fundamental skills acquired in the previous level and apply them to intermediate techniques. Create fermentations and starters for yeast breads. As well as intricate shapes and applications, such as laminated croissants and contemporary artisan donuts. Then, we will dive into candy making and learn the different temperatures of cooked sugar resulting in confections ranging from caramels to aerated marshmallows. Finally, understanding the art of chocolate by working our way through chocolate tempering, ganaches, and truffles.


Wk1: Pre-fermented Yeasted Breads & Straight Yeasted Breads

  • Create yeast breads using both direct and indirect fermentation
  • How to work with both lean and enriched doughs
  • Advanced shaping and scoring of breads
  • Dough kneading by hand and with a stand commercial mixer

Wk2: Specialty Yeasted Breads

  • Fried Doughs: batters and yeast raised doughs
  • Create glazes and fillings
  • Poached breads: bagels and pretzels
  • Advanced shaping of mass produced breads

Wk3: Laminated Doughs

  • Learn to make dough and butter blocks
  • Various “lock in” and fold techniques
  • How to roll, cut, shape, proof, and bake laminated doughs
  • Modern and classic croissant, danish and puff pastry applications

Wk4: Candies / Confections

  • Caramels: dry and wet methods
  • Coloring and flavoring hard candies
  • Aerating cooked sugar for both piped and cut applications
  • Candy bar fillings with various taste profiles and textures

Wk5: Artisan Chocolates

  • How to temper couverture chocolate
  • Various ganaches: dipped, rolled, and filled
  • Decorating bonbon molds with colored cocoa butter
  • Dipping and enrobing truffles and candy bars
  • Chocolate tasting and identification

Wk6: Review & Exam