plant based coking

We believe that to become a well rounded chef one must have a basic understanding of the other half of the kitchen. In our final level Pastry students will learn the basics of Culinary and how they can be applied to the real world Pastry department. We will then cover the most challenging topic, advanced pastries. During these weeks we will execute contemporary advanced techniques from around the world and from the most revered Pastry Chefs. Students will be forced to push themselves to create intricate and elaborate confection masterpieces. Almost too good to eat. For our final course students will put on a memorable display for their family and friends that will encompass the many facets and techniques each student has gained during their CulinaryLab journey.


Wk1: Culinary 1: Vegetables & Starches

  • Dry heat vegetable cooking methods: sauteing, roasting, and grilling
  • Moist heat vegetable cooking methods: steaming and blanching
  • Understanding vegetable pigments and how to use heat control and acids for ideal outcomes
  • Knife skills review

Wk2: Culinary 2: Grains & Pasta

  • Ratios and techniques for cooking grains
  • Steaming, boiling, pilaf, and risotto methods for grain cookery
  • Identification and uses of common grains
  • Introduction to fresh pasta making

Wk3: Culinary 3: Meats, Seafood, & Sauces

  • Identification and use for tough and tender cuts of meat
  • Dry and moist heat cooking methods, including sauteing, grilling, roasting, and stewing
  • Potato cookery: making mashed potatoes and french fries
  • Fundamentals of seafood cookery

Wk4: Advanced Pastries

  • Layered cakes and fillings
  • Individually piped pastries
  • Advanced chocolate work and sugar applications
  • Finishings with mirror glazes and chocolate spray gun

Wk5: Final Exit Exam

  • Comprehensive two-day exam covering key competencies and practical techniques learned throughout the program.

Wk6: Family and Friends Buffet

  • Fundamentals of creating a tasting menu
  • How to purchase and prep for an event
  • Buffet and petit fours display and presentation
  • How to execute in a kitchen for service