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English students generally find reading literature to be fascinating. Their teachers often require lengthy reading assignments, which at times can be overwhelming. The 2nd sentence:
Soft drinks are always Bonnie ‘s beverage of choice, however, she is open to new things. At her sister’s urging, she tried carbonated water and found it more tasteful than expected. The 2nd sentence:
Nutritionists highly recommended eating kale, describing it as an amazing health food. There are studies showing that people who eat this vegetable regularly have healthier hearts. The two sentences:
There is a negative correlation between frequent social media use and academic grades. The teacher awarded the highest grade to a student who said she used social media every night. The 2nd sentence:
Although he liked his job, Joe informed the boss of his displeasure with his salary. He was then offered a significant salary increase after management evaluated his performance. The 2nd sentence:
In the paragraph below the author’s attitude is:
The purpose of the passage is:
What does the last sentence do?
As presented in this passage, the cell phone:
According to the passage, people who use cell phones:

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Questions 6-10 are based on the following paragraph:

“Back in the day,” there were roadside telephones for emergencies, and telephone booths and coin-operated phones in nearly every public facility. Telephone books contained thousands of names, street addresses, and phone numbers, as well as advertisements for a myriad of businesses. Paper maps and Thomas Guides were readily available for hands-on searching for a location, and a camera was one of the most requested birthday and holiday gifts. Typewriters nearly eliminated pen and ink, and library books were destined for extinction. Then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, these communication resources made way for everyone’s new BFF – the cell phone. In one amazing 2-inch by 4-inch plastic case, I can hold the whole world in my hand.