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In this level students will take a deep dive into how today’s chefs cook, from a focus on modern techniques and new ingredients, to preparing dishes in the style of the world’s most influential chefs. Each week focuses on a new set of techniques as well as a chef who is known as a master in that specific area of cuisine. One of the highlights of L3 is Week 5, when students take what they’ve learned and create plates for a professional food photographer to shoot.


Wk1: Plate Design

  • Featured Chef: Karlo Evaristo
  • Understanding geometric principles of plating
  • Symmetrical vs asymmetrical plating styles
  • Discovering the structural and visual roles of sauces and purees on a plate
  • How to properly choose plateware and non traditional options to plate food for maximum visual impact

Wk2: Advanced Plant-Based Cooking

  • Featured Chef: David Kinch
  • More deeply understand the transformation of flavor from raw to cooked vegetables and learn to build dishes that take advantage of both
  • Manipulation of texture and temperature of plant based components
  • Application of advanced dry and moist heat techniques to vegetables and legumes

Wk3: Sauces 2.0

  • Featured Chef: Enrique Olvera
  • Liquid infusions to produce flavorful broths
  • Use of hydrocolloids and choosing the proper one for the application.
  • Reduction and concentration of liquids to create flavor bases for recipes

Wk4: Modernist Techniques

  • Featured Chef: Joan Roca
  • Creating chips, leathers, and wafers from fruits and vegetables
  • Reinterpreting classic dishes with modern techniques
  • Use of the pressure cooker to achieve textures and flavors otherwise unachievable with conventional techniques

Wk5: Plating for the Camera

  • Choosing plates, ingredients, and garnishes that photograph well
  • Using natural light, angle, and cropping for best results in food photography
  • Professional photography of student plated dishes and students working in the kitchen


Wk6: Review & Exit Exam