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In L4 students focus on two specialty areas of food, pastry techniques and buffet design. As every chef knows, basic pastry skills are key to anyone seeking to work in professional kitchens. And buffet design is both an art and a science needed in operations both large and small. Both of these areas require a high level of detail and technique. This level concludes the core learning portion of the program, and culminates with a final buffet presentation that students’ friends and family are invited to join.


Wk1: Pastry 1: Breads

  • Product identification for chemically leavened breads
  • Various mixing methods for batter quick breads: creaming, blending, and two-stage mixing
  • Understanding the difference between a conventional and convection oven and how to operate the two
  • Understanding the various types of yeasts and how to work with them
  • Follow the 12 stages of bread making to properly knead, proof, shape, and bake breads leavened with yeast


Wk2: Pastry 2: Fundamentals

  • Make and bake various types of cookies using proper creaming technique
  • How to yield successful results when creating baked and stove top custards
  • Make and churn ice cream bases
  • Prepare various types of flaky and laminated doughs
  • When and how to par cook fruit fillings


Wk3: Pastry 3: Plated

  • How to compose a plate presentation based on taste, texture, temperature, and visual appeal
  • Current classic and modern plating techniques
  • Incorporating molecular components such as liquid nitrogen and other chemicals


Wk4: Final Exit Exam

  • Comprehensive two-day exam covering key competencies and practical techniques learned throughout the program.


Wk5: Small Bites + Buffet Design

  • Designing a buffet with cost, production time, and aesthetics in mind
  • Crafting small bite that maximize flavor, color, and visual appeal
  • Plattering foods in a visually appealing way that promotes maximum perceived value
  • Menu development and food prep assignments for the final buffet presentation


Wk6: Final Presentation

  • Friends and family are invited to sample students’ work and enjoy an extensive buffet presentation put on by the class