Pro Culinary Tool Kit


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Students need to be able to choose multiple uniform pieces (coat + pants + head piece + apron).
 We will need to list each uniform piece as its own product, or find a way to prompt students to choose all four of those items within the “uniform” product.
What is the most effective and creative way to do this?

Culinary Tool Kit 

4″ Edge Guard Plating Spoon, 7-7/8″L
6″ Edge Guard
Plating Spoon, 9″L
8 Pocket Padded Knife Roll
Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
8″ Kitchen Scissors Tongs, 9″
8″ Edge Guard
Tweezers 10″ Long Surgical
Bowl Scraper – Pocket Wht Tweezers 5″
Digital Thermometer
Two-Sided Water Stone 400 & 1000 Grit
Fish Spatula
Vegetable Peeler, Y-type
Honing Steel, 10″
Meridian Elite 3.5″ Paring Knife
Meridian Elité 6″ Boning Knife
Meridian Elité 8″ Chef’s Knife