A few of our Affiliate Chefs share their New Years Resolutions!

Affiliate Chefs

As we enter into the New Year, we asked a few of our Affiliate Chefs what their New Years Resolution is for 2016. Here’s what they said:

Chef Mark McDonald of Old VIne Cafe
“My New Year’s Resolution is to continue to travel and cook abroad as much as possible. Culinary travel is the best education in my professional opinion. It opens my mind to endless cultures, traditions and ingredients. I can never stop learning, and growing, and hope that this year brings even more opportunity to do so!”

Chef Deborah Schneider of SOL Mexican Cocina
“My New Year resolution is a simple one: get back to basics and focus on the sheer fun of cooking again. Of course I love what I do at SOL and solita, but of necessity, I get caught up in the minutiae of operations and the pressure of deadlines and I don’t spend nearly enough time just cooking for the hell of it. After all, that’s why I got into food in the first place: because nothing is as enjoyable as being inventive, and making things by hand. So I resolve to come in, throw open the walk in and get my head back on the line. As a neccesary sidebar to this, I resolve to help my all chefs and sous chefs to ‘grow in service’ by allowing them to pick up more of their own operating responsibilities, and getting out of their collective way.”

Chef Danny Godinez of Anepalco
“My 2016 Resolution is simple, I want to recreate some childhood memories of traditional Mexican flavors.”

Chef Cathy Pavlos of Provenance & Lucca Cafe
“I resolve in 2016 to eat more vegetables and less meat, ride my bike on the beach, and laugh a lot more often (without the use of Netflix).”

Chef Jason Montelibano at Eats Kitchen & Bar
“My two favorite things outside the kitchen are basketball and music. I have a drum set in my living room that I haven’t played in over a year, so my resolution for 2016 is to get back behind the set and start playing again. I should probably make a resolution to have my neighbors over for dinner as well, so they aren’t too upset when the bass drum kicks up every now and then.”