How Much Do Chefs Make?

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Becoming a professional chef opens the door to tons of different job opportunities. A question many people ask is, “how much money can you make as a chef?” While geographic location plays an important role when it comes to salary, additional variables like work experience and education also determine a chef’s earnings. 

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Ultimate Guide On How To Become A Personal Chef


Becoming a personal chef will take many years of training and experience. Many people get the misconception that they will go through a training course and walk out a chef, but this is far from reality. A chef is someone who is in charge of people. To gain this status, you must first become a cook and work your way up. If you are wondering how to become a personal chef, then you must first step through many career achievements to earn the chef title. 

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What Is A Sous Chef? – Everything You Need To Know

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What is a Sous Chef? Sous comes from the French word for “under.” A Sous Chef is a chef who works closely with the Executive Chef in a professional kitchen. 

Becoming a sous chef is a mark of achievement indicating that a cook has graduated to a chef. Any chef wishing to prove themselves in the culinary world must do so on-the-job. The kitchen is one of the few professional workplaces where there is no substitute for experience. 

Therefore, new culinary grads are not eligible for the title of sous chef. A sous chef must prove themselves by mastering each “station” in the kitchen as it is not an entry-level position.

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