Going For a Culinary Apprenticeship? What Chefs Look For in a New Hire

What Chefs Look For in a New Hire CulinaryLab School

So your chopping skills are first rate and your braised beef is to die for. Does this make you a prime target for a job in a professional kitchen? Not really.According to chefs we spoke to about what they want in a new hire, the qualities they look for have little do with cooking.They assume you know how to handle a knife, and they can teach you how to cook their way. What they really want is not unlike what most hiring managers want: A hard worker with a good attitude.We’ve peeled away five attributes that chefs look for with their candidates.

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How Many Hours Does A Chef Work?

How Many Hours Does A Chef Work? Culinary Lab School insider chef tips

When you’re starting out as a cook or a culinary student, one of the first things you may want to know is what sort of hours will be expected of you when you begin working in a professional kitchen. How many hours does a cook work? How about a chef? What about an executive chef?

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Is Being a Chef a Good Career? Pros & Cons to Working in Culinary Arts

The pros and cons to working in culinary arts by CulinaryLab School Los Angeles

Do you love experimenting in the kitchen, whipping up an amazing meal for family and friends, or checking out the latest and greatest restaurants in your city? If you have a passion for delicious cuisine, you may have considered a career in culinary or pastry arts. However, you might also wonder if working as a chef is a good fit for your lifestyle and personality.

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How Long Does Culinary School Take to Complete?

So, you’ve decided that a culinary education is in your future. As you look at school choices (yes, there are a lot of them!), you may wonder: how long does it take to complete culinary school? The answer isn’t simple. You need to take into account the whole gamut: From time spent learning basic principles and kitchen techniques, to advanced topics and obtaining actual hands-on experience. But in this article, we’re going to share our experience so you can gain an understanding of the time you’ll spend in culinary school – no matter what type of culinary education you choose…

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Top Requirements for Culinary School: Make the Right Career Decision

If you’re ready to make cooking a career, then you’re probably wondering what the requirements for culinary school are, and if you’ve got what it takes. Well sit tight. We put together a list of the top 5 requirements you’ll want to consider as you prepare for your new career in the kitchen. Game on…

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Student Spotlight: Soo Kim


We’re excited to spotlight our Pro Pastry student, Soo Kim who began our Pastry Programs last Fall. Learn more about the journey to Culinary Master!

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Let’s Start with a Rough Chop


Becoming a Professional Chef

It wasn’t an easy decision to leave my job to pursue one of my passions as an aspiring Chef. I spent a little over a decade in high-stress corporate sales environments, but I was always searching for something more fulfilling than a commission check.

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Render Me This…A How To Guide


How to Render Animal Fat

So, I wanted to give animal fats some extra love and attention because I so often hear people say “LARD?!?! EEEEW!!” But lard, tallow, schmaltz, bacon fat, and duck fat are all awesome ways to really maximize your meat and also add flavor to your dish. There is disagreement among the different professionals regarding where these fats fall on the health scale. For me, I once again go back to the idea of moderation, and high quality product.

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The Restaurant Special – Urbana


Anaheim Packing District

Meet our new neighbor at the Anaheim Packing District – Urbana Anaheim! Urbana is best known for their Mexican street food concept with a focus on seafood. Their culture and flavor is from the belly of Mexico, Michoacan and Jalisco. They are a boutique restaurant, serving made to order dishes with fresh produce and ingredients. Urbana’s tortillas are prepared in house, fresh to order from non-GMO, gluten-free masa. Their salsas and sauces are house made.

We recently caught up with the owners, Javier and Andrea Cuadra, and Executive Chef, Ernie Alvarado, to learn more about this amazing restaurant!

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